Canadian Academy of Periodontology
Member's Section

Membership Has its Benefits

Our mission is to serve as the national voice of periodontists, to promote excellence in the practice of periodontics by setting the standards of care and guidelines for therapy, and to advance the periodontal health of the public.

As a member of the Canadian Academy of Periodontology (CAP) you support your practice and your specialty.

Membership benefits include:

1. Free student membership for graduate students in periodontology programs;
2. Free membership for new graduates in the first year of graduation;
3. Free annual meeting registration for new graduates in the first year of graduation;
4. Reduced membership dues for retired members;
5. CAP is the national voice for periodontists when dealing with Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities and other provincial/federal organizations;
6. Representation at Canadian Dental Association (CDA) on matters such as:

  • Dental Procedure Codes affecting periodontists,

  • Canadian Dental Specialties Association,

  • Contributions to the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association;

    7. Liaison with Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC);
    8. Liaison with other international periodontal organizations such as the AAP Nationalmembership directory;
    9. Consultant on periodontally-related insurance issues with dental insurance carriers;
    10. Consultant on clinical practice guidelines;
    11. Consultant on the national dental hygiene staffing;
    12. National marketing and advertising through the public section on the CAP web site;
    13. Potential for new patient referrals through the section “Find a Periodontist” found within the public area of the CAP website;
    14. Access to patient education material and media packages;
    15. Distinctive regional meetings with periodontal continuing education;
    16. Discounted subscription rate for
    The International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry (Quintessence Publishing), and The Journal of Clinical Perio.
    17. Access to mentorship opportunities for new periodontists. Please contact CAP office for more information.